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Helping schools, teams and buisnesses Gear Up! since 2001

Logo Factory is the number one online store provider in Chicagoland for schools and businesses alike.  Our online stores are called Gear-Up! Stores and come packed with features you will not find in any other online store providers. 

Here's why we are simply the best online store:

Stores are open 365 days (not 2-4 weeks like most other stores).

We update your store with new, trending produsts and remove items that are not selling.  

We seasonally update your site for buying seasons.

The ONLY online store that lets you create fully customizable items.

Our quality is top notch (we do all the work in-house... we're not a middle-man).

Quick lead-time on orders (typically 2 weeks).

Orders come sorted by individual order (not packed in bulk). 

You can rebate on every order (great for fund-raising).

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